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Lasix For Sale, Have you hugged a controller today.

Here is something dedicated to you, Lasix natural, Lasix dose, controller on your international day: 20th of October 2009

To the one who is safety conscious

To the one who is professional

To the one who expedites

To the one who clears

To the one who listens

To the one who stresses

To the one who needs to work around the clock

To the one who is on the sharp edge

But also

To the one who is [generally] highly paid

To the one who has [generally] a secure job

To the one who can ask for more

To the one who asks for more [money]

To the one who gets to think he's god

To the one who thinks the others are all wrong

To the one who takes it fore granted to give orders

To the one who falls into complacency and disinterest


To the one whose job is in constant change

To the one who gets told: Your job will not exist [in 20 years' time]

To the one who needs to stay competent

To the one who gets told what to do by people who don't know what he does

To the one and only

To the controller

The controller is a person like the rest of us. He is neither black nor white, where to buy Lasix, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, neither fully good nor fully bad. But like the rest of us he is a human with strengths and weaknesses, discount Lasix. Purchase Lasix online no prescription, He is a person with a mission: And a noble one: to participate in getting the flying public safely and expeditiously from A to B. And for this we love him and we thank him.., order Lasix from mexican pharmacy. Lasix use, Have you hugged a controller today?  If you haven't you should.  Hug them to tell her that you love them and what they do and also to comfort them in their weakness... Buy Lasix without prescription. Online buy Lasix without a prescription. Effects of Lasix. Lasix from canadian pharmacy. Lasix treatment. Purchase Lasix online no prescription. Kjøpe Lasix på nett, köpa Lasix online. Lasix photos. Lasix without a prescription. Lasix use. Lasix used for. Lasix from mexico. Lasix pharmacy. Lasix no prescription. Buy Lasix no prescription. About Lasix. Canada, mexico, india. Comprar en línea Lasix, comprar Lasix baratos. Lasix over the counter. Buy Lasix from canada. Lasix long term. Lasix from canada. Australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Lasix without prescription. Buy Lasix without a prescription. Lasix class. Order Lasix from United States pharmacy. Buy Lasix online no prescription. Lasix blogs. Lasix australia, uk, us, usa. Lasix mg. Lasix forum.

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Buy Viagra Without Prescription, This is an off subject to Air Traffic Management, but given my background as trainer, I thought I have something to share:

The question that this entry tries to discuss is how to react to the fact that while you are presenting members of the audience might be doing something else. Viagra maximum dosage, First of all, I think that every presenter should accept it as a fact of life that while presenting, is Viagra safe, Where to buy Viagra, be it face to face or remotely, some members of their audience may become distracted, Viagra pics, Get Viagra, not pay attention, start multi-tasking and not fully pay attention to what you are saying, Viagra no rx. Order Viagra from mexican pharmacy, Then the real answer to what should the presenter do is, I guess, is Viagra addictive, Rx free Viagra, the usual: It depends.

It depends on a number of items so I'll try to give some of the variants that come to my mind

  1. On liberalism:

The liberal theory states that an individual should be free to do what they want as long as this does not have effects on society, online buying Viagra hcl. Viagra overnight, Well, taking this to the presentation / training arena, cheap Viagra no rx, My Viagra experience, to me it would mean that as long as through the act of doing something else while a presentation is going on, the attendant is neither hampering others from focussing on the subject nor, Viagra dosage, Online Viagra without a prescription, [properly] participating to a collective exercise, for example in the case of a work shop, real brand Viagra online, Purchase Viagra, thus slowing down the learning process of their colleagues, then they are responsible for their learning and for their doing, Viagra without prescription. They are therefore allowed, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. Purchase Viagra online, This assumes that the audience is adult, in case of minors, Viagra wiki, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the question may be different.

The assumption leads to number 2:

2.  The power struggle:

What can be formally done by the presenter to control depends on the power balance between the audience and the presenter, Viagra images. Viagra coupon, Assuming that the presenter is seeking to limit multi tasking: If the presenter has more power than the audience, for example because they are endorsed by someone senior in the organisation [such as in the case of the presentation being part of a corporate event] then they can set ground rules and be able to enforce them, order Viagra no prescription. Viagra price, coupon, If, however, Viagra schedule, Online buying Viagra, power tilts to the other side, there is little one can formally do to enforce ground rules [if they have been established at all] except in case of number 1, Viagra samples, Viagra duration, above, where the multi-tasking of one affects the participation of another, low dose Viagra. Buy Viagra Without Prescription, 3 A coin has two faces. Viagra cost, Finally, my third item considers the presenter putting themselves in the learners' boots, Viagra price. Viagra steet value, This will help better understanding the situation and evaluating what could be done.

We all have been attending presentations, order Viagra online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i order Viagra without prescription, and I would say the one who has never drifted away, throws the first stone, Viagra description. Where can i buy Viagra online, Some of the reasons:

a.         As Mollybob rightly says [ ] attendants have been multi tasking long before the age of iphones and connected laptops,: some were writing shopping lists, Viagra pictures, Viagra dangers, others letters to their lovers.

b, Buy Viagra Without Prescription.         All of us have been to conferences where 20 presentations were squashed on the one day agenda, Viagra trusted pharmacy reviews.

c.         All of us have endured a truly boring presentation at least once in their lives.

d.         All of us have found themselves in the middle of a conference wondering what on earth they were doing there, like when you discover you are in the wrong movie theatre 5 minutes into the film.

So what can a presenter do about this. Buy Viagra Without Prescription, Assuming that they would like to control multi-tasking here area few tips that have worked.

i.                     Embrace the fact that people will be tempted to multi-task. If this is an issue for you and/or for the success of the presentation, tell them about it in the beginning of the presentation.  If your power balance allows you, think about ground rules. If not consider the following:  Tell them to take a piece of paper [or a notepad file for the tech-savvy ones ;-) ] and consider for a few minutes the things they ought to do and not directly related to the presentation and write them down. They have their shopping list, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. They will not forget to buy the milk on the way home. Now they can relax and get back to the presentation. If during the presentation something else of utmost importance comes to their mind, they should add it to the list, but they should agree not to act on it during the presentation.

ii.                   Engineer your presentation depending on its place on the agenda: If you notice that your presentation is behind a series of others and that the last time the audience would have taken a break would be more than one hour before the start of your presentation, then try to ask the organisers to fit a break. Buy Viagra Without Prescription, [again, it depends on your power balance]. If this is not possible, be inventive: for example shorten your presentation, thinking that it is probably reap more value to have a punchy presentation than a longer one where everyone is thinking of the break coming up. Anyways every situation demands its solution, so the bottom line is to be aware of the context and adapt to it.

iii.                  Be entertaining yet to the point and informative, include interaction, keep the audience hooked.... You need to make them feel that they should not miss the next thing you are going to say or do. Everyone has their style of doing this, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. Asking questions, telling stories, engage with the audience, ask them to change positions prior to the start, etc. etc.

So in disguise of a conclusion I would say that multi-tasking is natural and is not new. It is possible not even on the increase but the fact that instead of in-mind side thoughts now we have iphones and laptops, the phenomenon is more visible .  The question should not be around stopping it or embracing it but around engineering the event to control and make the best out of the fact of life that people will drift into doing more than one thing at a time or something else altogether.

I have mentioned three considerations: that the adult learner should be considered as free of doing what they think is best as long as this does not put others in difficulty, that the margins of what a presenter could do depend on the power balance between them and the audience and that the best things to do come out when we consider the context from the learners' viewpoint. Then I gave some tips that have worked for me in the past.

I hope my contribution has been of use.

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