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Abilify For Sale, In one of my recent posts I argued that there were too many airlines and that consolidation will be necessary.

In a previous one still I opinionated that airlines should diversify their investments and should look more towards mobility and transport rather than just sticking solely to air travel, Abilify pictures. Abilify brand name,

These thoughts got me wondering who in fact owns who in the world of airlines. The task is huge as there are thousands of airlines, buy cheap Abilify no rx, Abilify blogs, big and small, worldwide and the ownership lines are complex, buy Abilify online no prescription. Buy Abilify without a prescription, I had to start from somewhere, so I started from wikipedia's list of the top 10 airlines by scheduled international passengers carried, Abilify recreational. [Which are: Ryanair, Lufthansa, Easy Jet, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Emirates, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Cathay]

Airlines who owns who?Airlines who owns who?
I tried to find out who their major shareholders were [more than 3% of shares], Abilify For Sale. Abilify duration, I also looked at what they owned.

The findings are displayed in the diagram above which once clicked on opens to full scale, Abilify alternatives. Buy Abilify online no prescription, For convenience I have put KLM and AirFrance together.

Some of the findings are:

There is a difference in shareholder nature between Europe and US and Asian/ Middle east companies, Abilify treatment. Abilify For Sale, In US/Europe the shareholders tend to be investment management organisations or mutual fund firms, whilst Asian / middle east tend to be more state owned with Bank participation. Doses Abilify work, Another trend is that European and American Airlines are more intertwined together, in terms of ownership with all European and American carriers in the top 10 having a common shareholder with at least another carrier, cheap Abilify no rx. Abilify online cod, [one could also go into the meanings and effects of having an investment company such as the capital group holding 2 digit figure shares in Ryanair, Air France and American Airlines and what this means to the airlines, Abilify recreational, Abilify coupon, to the market and to competition, but I am not an economist and I do not have the tools to go there...]

Nothing similar in terms of links between investors is observed for Asia and middle east., Abilify duration. Buy no prescription Abilify online, In terms of subsidiaries of these major airlines, to my disappointment most of them owned other airlines or service companies related to the aviation industry, Abilify description. Abilify images, This is not a bad thing in itself as it is only natural for market consolidation. The disappointing part is that airline's investments are not diverse enough, Abilify For Sale. Only british airways have an investment in another transport sector: the rail [well done BA!] American airlines have investments in Real estate, Abilify from mexico. Abilify street price, I would say that we should observe an evolution towards further diversification in the future [I read Air France will buy shares in fast train operations]

Well here it is. By all means it is not an exhaustive piece of research, Abilify interactions. Where can i cheapest Abilify online, I also put a disclaimer that whereas I got the sources from the internet from either the companies themselves or from investment and borckering websites or from third websites such as wikipedia, and that I did this at the best of my understanding, discount Abilify, Abilify pics, there may be mistakes. Abilify For Sale, As for the legend: In green boxes you find the 10 airlines. In Red you find their owners, buy Abilify online cod, Buy generic Abilify, in yellow their subsidiaries. In blue there are the cases where two companies cross-own shares [e.g, buy cheap Abilify. About Abilify, Iberia and British Airways]. The percentage figure is how much is owned.  There is a boundary for each of the top ten airlines, Abilify cost. Get Abilify, When a company owns shares in more than one airline, it is present in a number of zones, purchase Abilify online, Canada, mexico, india, the percentages per airline are listed.

Enjoy, online buy Abilify without a prescription, Abilify no rx, and I would really appreciate to read what you think, and whether we could take this study further ahead.., Abilify samples. Abilify dosage. Effects of Abilify. Taking Abilify.

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Cialis For Sale, In order to introduce the world of ATC to potential air traffic control trainees, the Deutsche Flugsicherung [DFS] have put a number of games / tests online for free.

These tests are fun to do and give a good insight of some of the skills one needs to become an air traffic controller including:

  • Continously splitting attention over a number of task - whilst maintaining an overall picture.

  • Extrapolation of spacial position and conflict resolution through turning [vectoring] of aircraft.

  • Memory

  • Appreciation of left and right turns

  • Etc.

Have a look at these games and tests, I am sure you'll like them.

My favourite is Pushing Thin [comes with an addiction warning]

Well done to DFS. Great inititive and great tests!

Click here

If anyone know of other similar games and test, Cialis from canada, Cialis forum, please share with the rest of us by commenting to this post.


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