Do you have the potential to become and air traffic controller? – Test your ATC skills 2

2 years and a half ago I wrote a post on games developed by the German DFS to introduce potential candidate student controllers to the skills necessary to carry out the functions of an air traffic control. You can refer to that post by clicking here.

I have recently discovered a similar pack of games produced by the British NATS designed so that potential candidates could self test (and have some fun, I hope) whether they have the skills NATS will be looking for should they apply for pre selection on an initial course.

The idea is similar to the one presented by the DFS, the skill-set sought overlaps to the German one but in some aspects it is also complimentary.

The NATS pack looks at the ability of:

  • Tracking elements on a screen
  • Memory
  • Spacial Awareness
  • The ability to Sequence and to Separate elements in motion over a 2 dimensional plane

They are good fun and for free, you should try them if you are an aspirant candidate, if you´re looking for a little challenge, or, if you are a controller, to finally see whether you have what it takes! ;)

Here it the link. Well done NATS!