Another (most probably discriminating) way to reduce fuel consumption in flight

Coincidentally, in the last post about deconflicted 4-d trajectories, I wrote amongst other things on what seems to me to be an innovative way to see efficiency in terms of time elapsed and fuel consumed (rather than the classical distance covered). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="228"] Jeh Wadia, the Managing Director of GoAir, stands amidst women, dressed as flight attendants. Reuters[/caption] I write coincidentally because today I read about yet another way of consuming less fuel (and consequentially rendering your flight more efficient...). This idea apparently goes to the management of GoAir, an Indian low-cost airline. The guardian [click here to read the article] reports that management of GoAir decided to start hiring female only cabin crew. This, they say (and its true but discriminatory in many countries - don't know about India) will reduce the flying weight by 20kg per cabin crew member, making savings for the company of over €380 000 per year. Well way to go GoAir...maybe next would be to cap the cabin crew's maximum weight, and then, what will be next? If you read so far and are interested in more, here is a better article