Training offered by AriaTM

Since a few months I have developed my own training courses under AriaTM revolving around the improvement of safety and efficiency in ATC through the better preparation and training of ATS personnel.

I have developed the training plans and training material for
  • Team Resources Management
  • On the Job Instructor Trainingariatm_just_logo.jpg
  • ATS Supervisor Management
  • Competence Assessors and Evaluators                         
  • Classroom Instruction Techniques
  • Simulator Instructor Training (and all the refresher training for the courses above)

The courses can be delivered to different Air Traffic Management personnel including ATCOs, ATSEPs, Apron Controllers, Airport airside related personnel, etc. The material is developed based on guidelines and specifications when these are available and on best practice and personal experience, either giving the courses, listening to attendants or from direct experience.

I normally collaborate with other professionals both in the design and in the delivery of these courses, which, I believe, makes the content even richer. I have a 2d portable simulator that I use to enable role play in courses like OJTI, Sim Instructor or Competence Assessor.

My principal model is to go to the client and deliver the training reducing to a maximum the administrative overhead and concentrating on the quality.

I am also open to deliver these courses to individuals if so requested.

Presently I am also working on support to improve English language proficiency.

Should you want more information, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at

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