Aircraft Altimeter Failure

"An altimeter failure on a PC12 aircraft caused a 2000 ft discrepancy between the displayed altitudes on the aircraft’s two altimeters. This contributed to a very serious airprox which identified a number of safety issues of interest to the aviation community...." This is a very interesting read from read the full article click here  

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Reglan For Sale, I have just read an Article on Skybrary on the uncontained engine failure that suffered the Qantas A-380-800 a month and two days ago.

The article is quite detailed, online Reglan without a prescription. After Reglan, It is the first time that I easily find such detailed information on an incident in such a short span of time.  Keep it up Skybrary.

Amongst others, buying Reglan online over the counter, Reglan wiki, it describes how the crew had to respond to the engine failure as well as a high number of messages of secondary failures. Quoting the article some of these messages were:

  • Engines 1 and 4 operating in degraded mode (some air data or engine parameters are not available)

  • GREEN hydraulic system (powered by engines 1 & 2) - low system pressure and low fluid level

  • YELLOW hydraulic system (powered by engines 3 & 4) - engine 4 pump errors

  • Failure of AC bus 1 and AC Bus 2

  • Flight controls operating in alternate law (some flight control protections reduced)

  • Wing slats inoperative

  • Reduced aileron control

  • Reduced spoiler control

  • Landing gear control and indicator warnings

  • Multiple brake system messages

  • Engine anti-ice and air data sensor messages

  • Multiple fuel system messages, Reglan interactions, Low dose Reglan, including a fuel jettison fault (the latter fault precluded the jettison of fuel which would normally be made when a long haul air turn back is made to avoid a significantly overweight landing)

  • Centre of gravity messages

  • ...

To note that the flight crew for this flight was composed of 5 persons:

• the aircraft Captain, as pilot in command (PIC)
• the First Officer (FO), Reglan pharmacy, Reglan no prescription, acting as copilot
• a Second Officer (SO)
• a second Captain, who was undergoing training as a Check Captain (CC)
• a Supervising Check Captain (SCC), online buy Reglan without a prescription, Purchase Reglan for sale, who was overseeing the training of the CC.

What will also be interesting but which does not come clear from the preliminary report is the extent of the contribution of a 5 person flight crew had over the positive resolution of the incident [i.e, Reglan For Sale. successful landing and evacuation, Reglan pics, Reglan blogs, 0 injuries]. Were 5 better than 2, about Reglan. Reglan no rx, To what extent. how, Reglan recreational. Reglan For Sale, Or were they of hindrance?  How did they distribute the roles. Reglan natural, Etc. Would a 2 person flight crew have sufficed, buy generic Reglan. Is Reglan addictive, I guess these human factors considerations will be delved into during the full report...

The article contains the safety recommendation, no prescription Reglan online, Reglan dangers, a couple of pictures  of the damaged engine as well as a link to the preliminary report which was issued on 3/12/10 [more pics in the preliminary report]

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The saftey unit at Eurocontrol came with the brilliant idea of collecting all the aviation safety related resources into a wiki.


Differin For Sale, Should you need to search on items such as level busts, runway incursions, air ground communications, and otheer themes, all you have to do is to go to this site: and look there.

This wiki has also got a search engine which looks directly into a number of ICAO documents...

It is not a living website and new articles will be included to enrich it [currently there are some 1100 articles].  One needs to be a designated user to submit articles to the wiki, but the discussion on articles is open to registered users - and it is easy to register!

This is an extract of the press release from EUROCONTROL

SKYbrary - - a new wiki-style web site which aims to be the single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge was launched today by EUROCONTROL in partnership with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Flight Safety Foundation.

SKYbrary provides in-depth information for aviation professionals, backed-up with an attractive search engine. It already hosts some one thousand articles, canada, mexico, india, Differin no rx, covering fifteen areas, including critical safety issues such as Level Bust and Runway Incursions, Differin steet value. Order Differin from mexican pharmacy, Articles are added regularly, and search words inside the articles link to additional information both on SKYbrary and on external sites.

The wiki format means that visitors can contribute both articles and information to SKYbrary, discount Differin. Generic Differin, An open discussion forum aims to enhance visitors™ awareness of and interest in safety.

With permission from ICAO, SKYbrary includes an ICAO search engine, Differin street price. Differin without prescription, This will increase the speed at which answers to queries can be retrieved. As of today, Differin photos, Kjøpe Differin på nett, köpa Differin online, key documents including ICAO Annexes (2, 10 and 11) and Documents (444 and 8168) are included.

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