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Armour For Sale, It is hard for an ATM blog not to comment on the Spanish ATC situation. Online buying Armour, However, it is also hard to comment when you lack the details of the situation and when you are aware that a lot of what has been said is not true, Armour reviews. Armour mg, Having said the above, some things are nevertheless clear enough:

There is a conflict between the Spanish Government and AENA management on one side and the controllers, ordering Armour online, Effects of Armour, represented by their trade union on the other. This conflict has seriously grown in proportion [and out of it] in the recent months, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews. Armour from canadian pharmacy, The conditions of the controllers have been severely degraded over the past year. The degradation has been drastic, Armour For Sale.

The financial situation of AENA [and of the Spanish state] seems very difficult, Armour australia, uk, us, usa. Order Armour online c.o.d, The controllers walked out of their working positions on Friday the 3rd of December. This action was and could be interpreted as a ‘savage’ – but pre-meditated strike as it fell on the beginning of a long week end in Spain, buy Armour no prescription, Armour use, but the situation seems to be more complex, but I fail to understand exactly what trigerred it on 3/12, buy Armour without a prescription. Armour steet value, Without passing judgements into who is right or guilty, I think that in any conflict every side has its responsibilities to bear.  However, is Armour safe, Where can i cheapest Armour online, my sympathy and worry goes with the individuals who are or could potentially be affected by this conflict:

My sympathies go to the many professional controllers out there, who are now working under very stressful conditions, Armour alternatives, Buy Armour from mexico, being requisitioned under military rule. Armour For Sale, These people have seen their situation severely degrade [and overnight] in the past. They have been ordered to work very long hours [I read the figure of 1840 hours per year, Armour without prescription, Order Armour from United States pharmacy, which if true, even if it includes operational breaks during duties, Armour without a prescription, Armour brand name, and assuming that these breaks are of reasonable duration, is very long], Armour street price. Armour coupon,  They have also seen their net income reduced drastically overnight, as what they previously they used to earn as over time, Armour class, Fast shipping Armour, is now part of their decreed working hours.  I sympathise because I used to be a controller and because I am a family man, get Armour, Kjøpe Armour på nett, köpa Armour online, and I can imagine how stressful it could be for a responsible person to deal with loss of income vis a vis commitments his family has [education, house loan, Armour over the counter, Armour dose, etc.] and at the same time seeing that their profession is being degraded in a severe way.

I sympathise mostly because as far as I know these people never stole anything from anyone, Armour online cod.  One could argue that they have used their strong position in the past to acquire certain conditions, Armour For Sale. Armour price, coupon, Maybe it is true, but who would not try, Armour maximum dosage. Buy Armour online no prescription, And they were given their conditions, they did not steal them, Armour samples. Armour photos, So why are they now treated as robbers?  I sympathise, because other less responsible industries [I am thinking of banks and their financial cousins] screwed up severely by acting irresponsibly [and to a certain extend by abusing the system] and yet governments went out to save them – with not many questions asked, order Armour online overnight delivery no prescription. Armour pictures, With the result that one can still argue that they are still acting irresponsibly [I think of banks not lending money and to the quick redistribution of bonuses to the same clan who screwed up some months prior]. Armour For Sale, Yes I sympathise with the controllers.

I am also worried about my profession which is about delivering safe air traffic control, where to buy Armour. Buy Armour without prescription, And which should be seen as a very satisfying profession. I have serious worries about how the levels of safety can be maintained when the persons providing them are working under severely degraded, Armour cost, stressful and demotivating conditions. I am worried about the air travelling public.

As I said in the beginning, the situation is not easy on both sides, Armour For Sale. There must be misunderstandings from both sides. Both sides are under severe pressure because the general situation [partly thanks to the banks!] is very tense. The situation needs to be resolved. I hope and wish that both parties show an exceptional sense of responsibility and maturity to find a sustainable solution for all those involved. And if a win-win situation is too optimistic to hope for, I hope that both will try to seek a situation which at least is one of dignity and where the scars are limited on both parties.

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2 thoughts on “Armour For Sale

  1. Hi Max,

    Wise words indeed – to help you understand 03/12: some controllers were shown a new draft Royal Decree, that raised the max number of hours to 1844/year and other things. This upset some of them so much, that they reported unable to continue working. Aena was apparently very quick to ‘accomodate’ them. Against OPS supervisors’ advise, they decided very quickly to shut everything down. While difficult to prove, it actaully looks premedidated, down to the timing (just before a long WE).

    IFATCA will soon publish an information pack – granted, it’s our view on the situation, but I think it will help to get the bigger picture… I’ll make sure to send you a copy.

    Take care,


  2. Thanks for your wise and human explanations wich will provide some “light” to this situations worldwide… in Spain media has built a campaign against them and are “hated” by most spanish citizens.
    Let me just add some aditional info: the trigger action on friday was the publication of a Royal Decree by means of wich, workers had to give back to AENA the time taken in: union work, being sick at home, the 3 months off after giving birth, the day off you take to attend your fathers funerals, ATC training courses…. to fill the 1844 working hours…
    Obviously this “conditions” as well as the previously published ones (loosing all your labour agreements, your right to a confirmed day off…) doesn´t apply to anyother worker in Spain nor anyother democratic country…
    The spanish gubernment published this last Royal Decree just the day before a 5 days holiday period, knowing in advance that there were many many chances that the controllers would react the way they did it, so they could have the media pressing against them (for spoiling the vacation period, etc….) and also to implement the militarization and Alert Stage (also first time in the democratic story of Spain).
    Take into account also that in the last attempt for a legal strike, the minimum workforce assigned by the gubernment was superior to any normal day…
    Bearing that in mind, is understandable why they commited a “suicide” on that day…
    I am just a pilot and a democratic person very worried about this unbeliable situation in Europe in the XXI century…
    All European and worldwide aviation organizations whose main purpose is SAFETY are being very slow in reacting, leaving spanish ATCo at a very stressful situation which is a huge hole in the Swiss-Cheese-Error-Model…. and violating all internationaly accepted regulations (ESARR´s, ICAO SARPS…).
    Hopefully situations like this will no pass unadverted…
    Thanks for your understanding.

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